Sunday, March 31, 2013

P!nk !!!!!!!!!!!

Got Natalie tickets to see P!nk in concert when she comes to Lincoln, NE in November.  Roby was AMAZING and got fabulous seats before they were sold out (seriously, they sell out in minutes!).  I got a Pinkalicous book and had her read it out loud in order to find out what her gift was.  On the last page I wrote:

Happy 11th Birthday!  Hope you have a great time at the P!nk concert in November!  Love, Mom and Dad

I, of course, took video to see her reaction.  Its kind of long, so feel free to skip to the end!  

Most of you know, I'm almost done with my bachelors degree - 36 days to be exact.  Working full time, school, and family keeps me slightly busy.  I have pictures from all kinds of things and still need to finish our family "updates" that I started a while ago.  Soon!  I hope...

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